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Safeguard Equipment was originally founded as the passion project of three college classmates: CEO Tim Ledford, CTO John Thompson, and COO Brandon Bledsoe. Each of them have family working in occupations with high rates of injury and death due to electrical accidents so they made it their mission to create products to lower that risk.

From its beginnings in Moscow, ID Safeguard soon gained widespread support from the region’s utility providers and venture capitalists. Soon, this led to receiving a first round of funding from Spokane, WA-based Avista Utilities and the Spokane Angel Alliance. This allowed Tim, John, and Brandon to formally establish Safeguard in 2018 and develop their signature product, the Compass Personal Voltage and Current Detector.

Safeguard has grown by leaps and bounds. Today they employ a full staff of engineers, designers, assemblers, and business development professionals united around the cause of putting a Compass onto the hard hat of high risk electrical workers around the globe. 

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