Construction is a critical industry that is essential to the development and maintenance of infrastructure around the world. It is a challenging and sometimes dangerous field, with workers facing a variety of risks on the job. 


The Safeguard COMPASS series of personal voltage and current detectors (PVCDs) provides a valuable addition to the PPE available to construction workers. These devices are worn by the workers and can detect the presence of voltage or current in the area, alerting them to the presence of live lines. This is especially important in construction, where workers may be working near electrical lines and equipment. By using PVCDs, construction workers can quickly and easily identify the presence of live lines and take appropriate precautions to avoid injury.

In addition to providing awareness of energized lines, the COMPASS series also enables prompt emergency response in the event of a fall or shock injury. This can be a critical tool in helping workers to get the help they need quickly, which can be essential in preventing serious injuries or fatalities. Overall, the Safeguard COMPASS series is a valuable tool for enhancing the safety of construction workers, and can help protect them from the risks they face on the job.

Safeguard Solutions

Compass Pro

Safeguard’s Total Safety Solution

Protect your workers from electrical threats and connect your workforce in any crisis event with a streamlined emergency response service.


Access our COMPASS Pro software on your mobile device using the Safeguard Equipment app; available free for download on all android and iOS devices. Connect to your COMPASS Pro device to adjust settings, communicate with your team, and contact emergency services in case of an accident.


It can take hours before help is on the scene of a work-related injury, especially for lone workers. COMPASS Pro cuts the response time down from hours to minutes by automatically notifying coworkers via in-App push notifications and SMS messages.


The COMPASS Pro device can detect falls, arch flash events, head impacts, and no movement. Users can also summon aid for any crisis event, such as a heart attack or work-related injury, with a single push of a button.


In many cases, workplace injuries occur in remote, hard-to-reach places, which severely impacts response time. The COMPASS Pro will alert the designated response team to the user’s precise location so that workers can be found and helped as quickly as possible.

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Founded in 2016, Safeguard Equipment has been producing Innovative technology and keeping energy and utility workers safe for 6 years.

Founded in 2016, Safeguard Equipment has been producing revolutionary technology and keeping energy and utility workers safe for 6 years.


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