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UI Grads Develop Safety Device to Reduce Electrocution Risk for Utility Workers

By Becky Kramer

“Three recent University of Idaho graduates have developed a device to help linemen and construction workers avoid electrocution. The device, scheduled to hit the market in late December, clips onto a hard hat. It alerts workers when they’re close to energized lines and other sources of electricity. “Our company vision is to save lives, give back and encourage others to innovate in their communities,” said Safeguard Equipment’s chief executive, Tim Ledford…”

Wearable Electrical Awareness

By Brady Hansen

“Nearly a third of workplace injuries are equipment-related. This includes mechanical errors, PPE failure, struck-bys, or pinches. That means if you reduce equipment-related injuries by 80 percent, you will cut your overall injury rates by about 24 percent.”

Compass: Worlds Best Personal Voltage Detector

Startup Safeguard Equipment Energizes Investors

By The Spokane Journal of Business

 “Three recent University of Idaho graduates, each hailing from families of electrical workers, have generated substantial attention from Spokane-area startup investors as a company they’ve founded, Safeguard Equipment Inc., develops a wristband that would notify users about an imminent threat of electrocution….”

Made in the Northwest: Safeguard Equipment

By: Derek Deis

“POST FALLS, Idaho – Consider it a sixth sense for utility linemen or anyone who works around electrical threats. “Plain and simple, it saves lives,” said Tim Ledford, Safeguard Equipment‘s Chief Executive Officer. COMPASS® is a wearable voltage detector that you attach to the brim of your hard hat….”

North Idaho Company Creates Voltage Detectors to Save Lives

By KREM2 News

“It’s an idea born in a dorm room. That idea has grown into a North Idaho company in the business of saving lives. They make one-of-a-kind safety equipment for electrical workers. As KREM 2’s Taylor Viydo explains, for the people behind the company, it’s personal.”

Safeguard Equipment Closes Sale of 10,000 Compass® Personal Voltage & Current Detectors to FirstEnergy Corp.

by Peter J. Poullos

POST FALLS, IDAHO, USA, February 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —

“Safety is our core value, and working in partnership with our frontline workforce, we will utilize this tool to help our employees reduce their exposure when working in energized areas.”

— Laura Redenshek, Director, FEU Safety

Safeguard Closes Sale of 10,000 Compass™ to FirstEnergy Corp.

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