An innovative, inexpensive and life-saving device that can detect an energized source and warn a user if they are in danger of being electrocuted. It will drastically lower the chance of electrocution for anyone working around energized surfaces and conductors.

Compass™ has been applied to a helmet clip that acts as a heads-up-display for easy use and functionality. Through this form factors, it can detect electricity 360 degrees around the user providing notifications of proximity and approximate direction of an electrically charged source. Once detected, Compass™ provides the user with both audible and visual notifications.

Specs are subject to change after 3rd party validation.



Reliable Detection of Energized Sources

Electric Current Detection Capabilities

  • Maximum Alert Issuance Distance: Distance of notification changes with voltage. The user is notified before MAD Distance.
  • Minimum Detectable Electric Field: 1 V/m

Electric Current Detection Capabilities

  • Detects and alerts users of current-carrying energized surfaces through non-ferrous solid surfaces.

360 Degrees of protection

  • Detects Electric and Magnetic Fields radiating from sources 360-degrees around the user.

Proximity Awareness

  • Proximity Mode Active for Electric field measurements & Magnetic Field measurements.

Directional Awareness

The heads-up display shows the approximate direction to the energized conductor.

  • Locates closes point on the energized conductor
  • Locates long-wire conductors

Auto-Adaptive Sensitivity

  • Initializes in highest-sensitivity mode.
  • Issues alert based on positive changes in the electric and magnetic field indicating an approaching energized surface.
  • Briefly issues full notifications then adjusts to the current environment to eliminate further redundant nuisance alerts.
  • Regains sensitivity as a threat gets farther away from the user.

Autonomous, Reoccurring Sensor Self Test

The hourly self-test verifies sensors are operating correctly and accurately.

  • Tests are done in the background to prevent nuisance.
  • Heads-up-display provides notification if the product is defective.

Flexible Power System

Power System

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Common 5V USB 2.0 Micro B charge point access.

Battery Life

  • 3-day battery life in wake-and-sense mode (non-frequent alerts).
  • 12-hour battery life in rigorous activity (frequent alerts).
  • Recharge time: 1.5 hrs.
  • Easy to check battery life

Power Saving Features

  • Automatically turns off when inactive (no motion) for 5 minutes.
  • Operates in wake-and-sense mode when ambient EMF is below safe-operational thresholds

Ideal Form factor

Beacon is ergonomic and efficient with a small, lightweight, and low-profile housing which tucks underneath the hardhat brim out of direct line-of sight of the user

  • Clips to the under-side brim of any hard-hat.
  • Weight: <h; 1/4 lb.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 10 [mm]

Industrial Grade Durability

  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C (-4° F to 140° F)
  • Water Resistant: IEC IP6X (safe when exposed to heavy rain)
  • Physical Shock Certification
Always use proper high voltage procedures, including personal protective equipment, when working near or around high voltage equipment or conductors. Never contact high voltage with the Compass. Always use proper high voltage procedures for testing and grounding. Do not rely on Compass as your sole source of high voltage detection. Risk of electrocution is inherent in or around high voltage.


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