Core Values

Be Genuine.
Team Above Self.
Pursue and Embrace Change.
Delight the Customer.
Be a self-driven self-starter.
Invest in Your Community.



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OUR Mission

Our mission is to innovate in all things safety and bring peace of mind in any work environment by providing a sixth sense for electrical hazards.

Our Vision

At Safeguard Equipment, our vision is to save lives, give back, and inspire others to innovate in their communities.

Our Story

Originally starting as a passion project by three college classmates, Safeguard Equipment was founded with the core idea of making the lives of our loved ones safer when working around power systems. After hearing the fatality and injury statistics of linemen, along with having family in the industry, Tim Ledford, Brandon Bledsoe, and John Thompson made it their mission to provide a solution to electrocution for those at risk. Originally based in Moscow, Idaho, the Company quickly gained widespread support from the surrounding community. This led to the Company’s first funding round in Spokane, Washington, when the Spokane Angel Alliance and Avista Utilities banded together to push the original three co-founders in the direction of their life-saving goal. Today, Safeguard Equipment has developed their first product, Compass™, and is charging ahead in an industry that’s thirsty for higher safety standards.