Training Videos

Training for First Time Users

Before using your Safeguard COMPASS® in the field, it is important to fully understand how to adjust it is sensitivity settings, the benefits and limitations of detecting voltage and current, and the pros and cons of using other voltage and current detectors.

We advise first-time users to review these videos to maximize the safety benefits of their Safeguard COMPASS®.

Want to learn straight from the source? Give us a call at (208) 773-9263 for an over-the-phone tutorial.

Use-Case SCENARIOS in the Field

Once you have properly set your Safeguard COMPASS® to match the needs of your work environment, our team recommends watching our use-case scenario videos to get a better idea on how it works in the field.

The ability to detect both Current and Voltage in your workspace provides a huge benefit, both as a tool and an additional level of safety. Fully utilizing these capabilities will allow you to track load-bearing underground conduit, induction, mislabeled energized elbows, and much more.

In-house Training Videos

Anyone working around electricity on a day-to-day basis knows that other factors can come into play which, if not dealt with, can significantly affect safety. Watch these videos to better understand a few different scenarios, such as back-feed and current cancellation.

These videos will also show you how to adapt, or adjust, the Safeguard COMPASS® to a variety of different work situations.