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Always on, always aware, always safe.

“When there are opportunities that have the potential to save lives and help our local economy, Avista wants to be involved. Safeguard Equipment is taking voltage detection to a new level with digital technology and has the potential to save lives for utility workers. Avista is excited to be part of Safeguard’s success through our strategic investment.”

Mark Gustafson

Director of Business Development and Strategy, Avista

Who does Safeguard Equipment Help?

Compass Personal Energy Detector Voltage Detection Safeguard life-saving device that detects energized sources

Utility Workers

Utility professionals experience tremendous benefit from utilizing Compass™ in the field. And whether they’re assessing downed lines after a storm, checking meters, or installing new lines, Compass™ helps keep them safe.

Compass Personal Energy Detector Voltage Detection Safeguard life-saving device that detects energized sources

Construction Crews

Working on a construction site means risking exposure to electricity. So if your crew are building, demolishing, excavating, renovating, or remodeling, Compass™ has their back.

Power Plant Electricity to power production high voltage safeguard Compass

Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturing operations require immense amounts of electricity. Accident prevention is key, and our Compass LV avoiding electrical threats is as easy as putting on a hard hat.

Compass, natural disaster, house fire, car accident, first responders emergency.

First Responders

When unexpected disaster strikes, first responders risk their lives to protect the victims. These heroes put themselves in harm’s way every day, and Compass™ protects them while they protect us.

Compass safety managers, commercial electricians, residential electricians, safety inspectors, site inspections

Safety Managers

Safety is a priority for any manager overseeing teams of professionals. Compass™ adapts to almost any work environment, so they can be confident that Compass™ will help their team stay safe.

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Compass™ is a smart, innovative, life-saving device that detects energized sources and warns users long before they are in danger of being electrocuted.


The world deserves improvements in electrical safety, and Safeguard Equipment is passionate about inventing them. Our products create a new layer of protection for anyone working with energized systems, and our innovation is driven by the desire to help our friends, loved ones, and colleagues stay safe on the job every single day.