Personal Voltage & Current Detector

Always on. Always Aware. Always Safe.

Personal Voltage & Current Detector

Always on. Always Aware. Always Safe.

Deadly voltage and current hide in plain sight.

COMPASS® detects electrical threats, reveals their location,

and keeps you aware with a single glance.

Electricity kills 

Even the most experienced professionals can get electrocuted. At Safeguard Equipment we know you’re passionate about eliminating preventable accidents and establishing a safe work environment for your team. That’s why we created COMPASS®. Standardized safety procedures and traditional PPE are great places to start, but still leave a lot to be desired when it comes to detecting electrical threats. Only COMPASS® can give workers constant awareness of the voltage and current within reach.

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Compass® Saves Lives

360° detection & Directionals

Detects both Voltage & Current

Customizable Sensitivity Settings

When it comes to electrical safety, blind spots can be eliminated. COMPASS® is the only personal detector capable of identifying voltage and current. Its hard hat mounted design provides 360° of detection and intuitive audiovisual alerts make it easy to identify and avoid deadly threats. It’s an always-on solution that never leaves your line of sight.

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Introduce Your Team to Compass® 


Set Up a Demo 

Connect with our team for a demonstration of COMPASS® in action. We’ll show you how it works and answer any  questions you may have.


Get a Sample Unit

We know COMPASS® performs, but we want you to experience its detection capabilities for yourself on your home turf.


Order for your Team

Once you’ve vetted COMPASS®, you’ll realize that other electrical PPE simply doesn’t measure up. When that moment arrives, we’ll be ready to fulfill your order.


Implement Product

Every COMPASS® is assembled in the USA. We also provide online training and certification for your workers if desired.



It’s about so much more than safety.

It’s about peace of mind on the job and reducing electrical accident rates worldwide. A safe workforce is a productive workforce. 


What are people saying?

“When there are opportunities that have the potential to save lives and help our local economy, Avista wants to be involved. Safeguard Equipment is taking voltage detection to a new level with digital technology and has the potential to save lives for utility workers. Avista is excited to be part of Safeguard’s success through our strategic investment.”

Mark Gustafson

Director of Business Development and Strategy, Avista

“Our Crew Foreman was walking the job during storm restoration to restore services to a house and repair secondaries. Upon entering a backyard, the crew members’ COMPASS® Brand Personal Voltage Detectors were alerting them of an energized conductor that was laying across a chain-link fence. The crew went and opened cutouts, then tested and verified voltage to confirm the line was no longer energized. It was a good catch!”

Clayton Coble

Field Leader/Foreman, Quanta Service

who’S using safeguard products?

Who does Safeguard help?

Compass Personal Energy Detector Voltage Detection Safeguard life-saving device that detects energized sources

Utility Workers

Whether they’re assessing downed lines after a storm, installing new lines, or checking meters, COMPASS® is already keeping thousands of workers safe in some of the world’s largest utility companies.

Compass Personal Energy Detector Voltage Detection Safeguard life-saving device that detects energized sources

Construction Crews

Working on a construction site means risking exposure to electricity. So if your team is building, demolishing, excavating, renovating, or remodeling, COMPASS® has their back.

Power Plant Electricity to power production high voltage safeguard Compass

Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturing operations have several inherent electrical dangers. Accident prevention is key, and COMPASS LV® adds an additional layer of  electrical safety and awareness.

Arborist in Hard Hat Using Chainsaw on Tree


Arborists shouldn’t have to worry about hidden power lines while they’re focused on tree maintenance. COMPASS® provides directional and proximity alerts so they can stay focused on pruning, confident they won’t get shocked.

Compass safety managers, commercial electricians, residential electricians, safety inspectors, site inspections

Safety Managers

Safety should be a priority for any manager. COMPASS® adapts to almost any work environment, providing additional safety in any space, and our available training and implementation services help ensure that your team knows how to use the COMPASS® most effectively.

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First Responders

When disaster strikes, first responders risk their lives to protect victims. These heroes put themselves in harm’s way every day, and COMPASS® protects them while they protect us.


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