The new management system for employees working around electricity. Always on, always aware, always safe.

Our Technology


We have developed an innovative, modernized life saving device that can detect an energized source and warn a user if they are in danger of being electrocuted. It will drastically lower the chance of electrocution for anyone working around energized surfaces and conductors.

Life Saving

There are over 215 utility linemen deaths and 2000 serious injuries in the U.S. power industry per year caused by electrocution. Our product will alert a user when they are unaware of an electrically charged surface and save their life. Our product will drastically reduce human error!


Our innovative technology, Compass™, has been applied to a clippable Heads-up-Display for easy use and application. With the use of its unique form factor it can detect electricity 360 degrees around the user. Once a threat has been detected Compass™ provides user with notifications for proximity and the approximate direction of an electrically charged source. Through the use of both audible and visual notifications, users are alerted of threats long before they come into harm’s way.

Making the World Safer

With a Global need for improvement in electrical safety, Safeguard Equipment is passionate about reinventing personal protective equipment for anyone that works around high power.

Meet SafeGuard

Our Story

Safeguard Equipment was founded by three founders with the core intention of saving their family members' lives when working around electricity. After receiving extensive support from their community, Safeguard Equipment has spent the past few years developing a safety management system that makes users safer when there's a chance of electrocution.

Our Vision

At Safeguard Equipment our vision is to save lives, give back, and inspire others to innovate in their communities.

Our Technology

Our technology will set a new safety standard for anyone working around power systems. We are proud of our patent pending product Compass™. Join us in December when we hit market!