Our Story

With what originally starting out as a passion project between three college students, Safeguard Equipment was founded with the core idea of making the lives of loved ones safer when working around power systems. After hearing the fatality and injury statistics of linemen, Tim Ledford, Brandon Bledsoe, and John Thompson made it their mission to provide a solution to electrocution for those who were at risk.


Our Vision

At Safeguard Equipment our vision is to save lives, give back, and inspire others to innovate in their communities.


​Our mission is to cultivate, manufacture and distribute high quality personal protection equipment for our customers to ensure safety when working with energized surfaces and conductors. We carry out our mission with unwavering commitment to ensure a higher level of safety for any customer working with power systems.


  1. Embrace and drive change
  2. Create a fun work environment
  3. Boost trust, self-management and creativity
  4. Build a positive team with a family spirit
  5. Live by passion and determination

Our Technology

Our technology will set a new safety standard for anyone working around power systems. We are proud of our patent pending product Compass™. It will hit market this August!


  • ​Has a battery life of three weeks and can be charged conveniently with a USB cord.
  • Detects both primary and secondary electricity.
  • Adapts to the wearer’s environment to reduce redundant alerts.
  • Continuously monitors the environment for both voltage and current.
  • Provides proximity detection to provide level of risk.
  • Detects electric current through most solid surfaces.
  • Digital processor which allows system updates and continuous improvement of safety detection.