Personal voltage detectors (PVDs) are a critical component of personal protective equipment (PPE) for utility line workers and others, such as construction and telecom workers, who commonly work around or are exposed to energized lines in the course of their jobs. Safeguard Equipment® is an industry leader in building state-of-the-art wearable PVDs designed to alert workers to the presence of energized lines when going out on a job site to conduct repairs or maintenance on utility equipment.

Safeguard’s latest product, the COMPASS ProTM, is like no other PVD on the market. It can detect both voltage and current, indicating the presence, proximity, and direction of the source by emitting both visible and audible signals. But the device has additional detection capabilities that provide an unprecedented level of worker safety. The device can also detect whether the wearer has suffered a fall, arc flash, or head impact.

The device works by being paired with Safeguard’s emergency response app. Once the app is set up, whenever it detects an injury event, it will initiate a line of communication with the company’s designated safety team. The alert will be sent even if – or especially if – an injured worker is unable to initiate the alert. The response team can summon emergency help in record time, which makes a critical difference. It means that safety teams are not dependent on a missed check-in to discover whether a worker may be injured. In addition, the worker can initiate an emergency alert at the touch of a button.

Physical Specifications for the COMPASS Pro

Because line workers and others often work under challenging environments – out in the weather, up on poles, in cold and wet conditions – the COMPASS Pro is built to be robust. It is also made to be unobtrusive and easy to operate. Below are the physical specifications of the COMPASS Pro detection device.

  • The COMPASS Pro device clips onto a standard hard hat. This allows for hands-free operation and ensures the user can see the unit’s LEDs when warning of the presence of an electrical or magnetic field and hear the audible alert.
  • A hard-hat mount, as opposed to a chest or armband mount, is less susceptible to being obstructed by surrounding objects, such as the user’s body, that can impede detection. The clips are removable and replaceable if a clip breaks or is lost.
  • The device weighs less than one ounce and measures 3.0 W x 1.4 D x 0.9 H inches (including clips).
  • The device has an SOS button that can signal the need for emergency response by communicating a message to a designated safety team.
  • The device’s power button also activates other operational features, including Smart Adaptive Mode and device sensitivity.
  • The device operates off of a rechargeable 250mAh Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) battery. 
  • It has an integrated charging port and fully recharges in approximately 1.5 hours on a USB 2.0 Micro B (5V) charger. 
  • Battery life is approximately 80 hours on a single charge, with less battery life if alerts are repeatedly activated. 
  • Battery level is displayed whenever the device is turned on and when the device comes out of “hibernation.” When battery life dips below 8 hours, the battery level will flash every 30 minutes. In addition, the battery level is always visible in the Safeguard Equipment app.
  • It is fully operational in virtually any weather conditions: IP-67 water-resistance rating and temperature rated for -20o to 60o C (-4o to 140o F).

Our products are designed to be worn as a regular, routine part of your workers’ PPE. Accordingly, we have gone the extra mile to ensure the unit can withstand the wear and tear of daily use under harsh conditions.

Want a Demonstration? Contact Safeguard Equipment

The information provided here, as well as photos and further information about the COMPASS Pro’s operational and safety features, can be accessed in our COMPASS Pro Product Specifications white paper. Safeguard Equipment also welcomes your inquiries for a product demonstration. To find out more, please contact Safeguard Equipment today.