An emergency can be triggered manually via the SOS button or automatically triggered by the sensors built into the COMPASS Pro internal hardware. The five emergencies that the COMPASS Pro can detect are:

  1. SOS
  2. Arc Flash
  3. Falls
  4. Impacts to Head
  5. No Motion / Man Down

SOS Button SOS Alerts are triggered when the User presses and holds the SOS button, immediately signaling an emergency. SOS can also be triggered in the Safeguard Equipment App by pressing the SOS button on the home screen. Unlike the other emergency triggers, the SOS button does NOT have a 1 min. countdown. For operating instructions, see page ## for more info.

Arc Flash Detection Arc flash is detected when the COMPASS Pro device detects UV light characteristic of an arc flash. When the UV sensors become saturated, the device triggers an emergency countdown (60 seconds to cancel). Arc flash detection can be disabled through the service settings in the App.

Fall Detection A fall is detected if the COMPASS Pro device experiences roughly 0g of acceleration for 0.65 seconds (7 ft when dropped straight). When a fall is detected, the device triggers an emergency countdown. Fall detection can be disabled through the service settings in the App.

Impact Detection An impact is detected under the following criteria: – The COMPASS Pro device was appropriately mounted on a hard hat (see mounting instructions on pg#). – The impact is in a downward direction. – The force of the impact experienced is enough that it could cause a concussion.

Note: Due to specific situations that can accidentally trigger an alert, impact detection will be disabled by default. Users can enable impact detection through the service settings in the App.

No Motion Detected / Man Down No motion detected is a supplemental event that gets added to the emergency response chat for a given emergency. If an emergency is triggered (fall, SOS, arc flash, or impact) and no motion is detected, a notification will be sent to the User’s response team. No movement will not trigger an emergency by itself.