If the User works with low voltage sources (120-2.4kVAC), the COMPASS Pro device can operate as a handheld device. For best results, the User should set the sensitivity to high. The User should not attempt to detect voltage under 2.4kVAC while the COMPASS Pro device is still attached to their hard hat.

When using the COMPASS Pro device in handheld mode, DO NOT obstruct the front of the device, as this will significantly reduce or even eliminate its detection capabilities. Refer to the photos and illustrations for details on the proper holding technique.

Notes on Handheld Mode:

  • Always wear voltage-appropriate protective equipment when holding the COMPASS Pro device.
  • Detecting current in handheld mode allows the User to trace live wires through some walls.
  • Shielding may cause limited alert range when detecting fuse box voltage.
  • Do not allow the COMPASS Pro device to directly contact a live conductor.

WARNING: Emergency SOS features like impact and arc-flash may not operate when using the device in the hand-held orientation. All SOS features are tested and certified in the hard-hat mounted position.