Field workers face the daily risk of severe or fatal injury as they perform their jobs. There are many potential threats, including falls, blows to the head, arc flash, and current/voltage fields. Injured field workers can go without aid for hours, with the chances of fatality increasing exponentially as every minute passes. When an emergency response occurs, every second counts when providing emergency care and treatment. COMPASS Pro™ is a streamlined emergency response solution built into a personal non-contact voltage and current detector. Its advanced notification system is designed to warn the User that a source is present, inform them of its approximate location, and assist them and their team in rapid emergency response protocol when an emergency event or SOS is triggered. The internal sensors in the COMPASS Pro device are designed to detect emergency events such as falls, impacts, arc flash, and no-movement, in addition to voltage and current fields. This advanced warning device can prevent serious injury for anyone working in or around live alternating current (AC) and significantly decrease emergency response time when accidents occur.