The Safeguard Compass has received a lot of attention from those looking to enhance their personal safety. For many, the decision to purchase has been an easy one. Once we show potential customers how simply the Compass device works and what it does, the response has been overwhelming. Safety experts and progressive leaders throughout many industries have quickly become the best product advocates. Clearly, the Safeguard Compass is charting a new course in electrical safety. Many have said, “this is exactly what we have needed for so long.”

It is no mystery to most people that electricity can be highly dangerous. Sometimes, electrical currents behave in unanticipated ways and quite often voltages are present when we don’t expect them. Simple forces can quickly change normally safe electrical circuits into life-threatening situations. Corrosion, faults, weather damage, and switching errors are just a few of the many scenarios that can lead to an unpredictable electrical condition.

From an electrical safety standpoint, the problem is simple – the human body is a great electrical conductor. If a voltage is great enough, current will be passing through the body and, as a result, it reaps a gruesome path of destruction. Cruelly, nerves and blood vessels burn and deep tissues are destroyed while victims are still conscious. Can you imagine that experience of pain and fear? The human damage coupled with the immense economic damage of a single electrical contact accident is unfathomable. The only acceptable number for electrical contacts is ZERO. None, not a single, not one!

When confronting electrical hazards workers will often rely upon some additional electrical resistance, such as those usually found in the form of insulating materials that oppose the flow of current. These comprise a wide range of items when you think about them. Rubber gloves and sleeves, dielectric overshoes, foam-reinforced hot sticks, fiberglass aerial lifts, and dielectric barriers and isolation devices are all great examples. They were developed to make it safer while working around electrical conductors. These must be used in conjunction with proven safe work practices – inspecting before use and maintaining periodic testing to be effective. Each of these are incredibly effective at keeping their users safe from lethal voltage. Many workers would be alive today had they utilized these effective preventative protocols and tools.

During other electrical contacts, people have wrongly concluded that a circuit was de-energized or failed to recognize they were approaching an energized conductor. In these unfortunate situations, too numerous to count, people have been severely impacted when they encounter electrical conditions that weren’t expected. With the low cost of the Safeguard’s Compass device and its brilliant wearable design elements, people can now have a “sixth-sense” for electrical safety when natural disasters strike, or when around electrical systems and grids. There is now a new “opposition” to the dangerous current flow in our body. The durable, comfortable, and revolutionary Compass can watch over the work site and give users a new layer of protection.

* Protection for the cold and shivering line-worker foot-patrolling an overhead circuit in the snow during the dead of night.

* Protection for the overwhelmed wire guard and the exhausted storm damage assessor as they grind to help get this system back up.

* Protection for the pre-apprentice or apprentice distracted with the challenges of earning their stripes.

* Protection for the hot and dirty wild-land firefighter just trying to pay attention to hundreds of hazards in addition to electrical ones.

* Protection for adrenalized first responders arriving at the car crash to perform life-saving rescue.

* Protection for workers often work long hours and long days in mining industries.

* Protection for selfless ones like aid workers, response volunteers, and even military units as they respond to disasters and help communities to survive and rebuild.

Choose to protect your people today! Select Safeguard’s Compass and join the wearable electrical safety revolution.

        Compass Personal Voltage Detector | High Voltage Detection Device

Written by Brady Hansen

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