Smart Adaptive Mode is designed for Users working in an environment where electric and magnetic fields are known to be present. COMPASS Pro can quickly adapt to the ambient fields and pause alerts if the User is not moving closer to a detected source. If the User moves closer to the detected source, alerts will begin again.

  • The COMPASS Pro device will adjust to a constant field after 4 seconds, and alerts will pause automatically.
  • Smart Adaptive Mode is automatically set to COMPASS Pro’s second-highest sensitivity setting. This sensitivity setting cannot be adjusted.
  • While adapted, the COMPASS Pro device will issue heartbeat alerts to remind the User they are in an active field.
  • If the User moves away from the energized source and the field strength is reduced for approximately 4 seconds, the COMPASS Pro device will re-adjust and regain sensitivity.
  • When muting the device in Smart Adaptive Mode, heartbeat alerts will be issued anytime a User is in a field. Smart Adaptive Mode will reset when the device becomes unmuted, and alerts will be issued until the field is determined to be stable. At that point, the COMPASS Pro device will adapt, and the heartbeat alerts will resume.

WARNING: Smart Adaptive Mode alerts are based on ambient electric or magnetic field changes, not the source’s proximity. Alerts in this mode may not occur within the OSHA Minimum Approach Distance (MAD).