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Additional Resources

Product Training Videos

Take advantage of Safeguard Equipment’s training videos through our channel “Training with Brady.” Here, Brady will provide you with important safety tips, use scenarios, and product tutorials. These videos are perfect for training users on how to use the Safeguard COMPASS® as their everyday Personal Voltage Detector in a variety of different industries.

COMPASS® Online Training Course

The Getting Started With COMPASS® training course walks users through all aspects of the PVD. Learn how to use the unit, adjust settings, test PVD functionality, and gain practical field use tips. Learners will receive a certificate of completion after passing the course successfully. (Certificate tracking is available for select customers upon request)

The Risk of Electrocution for Firefighters

When entering a disaster area, exposed and damaged equipment can expose firefighters to high voltage or live currents.

Fall Prevention for Utility and Telecom Workers

Depending on the equipment needing attention, utility and telecom workers can work at varying heights.

Founder’s Vision: This is Why Safeguard Exists

The founders of Safeguard® Equipment also went to college with dreams and ambitions.

What Industries Can Benefit From PVDs

Occupations that involve working with electricity or electrical equipment can be dangerous, and electrocution is a risk workers face in these occupations.

The COMPASS Pro: Ready for Work

Once the app is set up, whenever it detects an injury event, it will initiate a line of communication with the company’s designated safety team.

Safety Training for Line Workers: a Necessity

As a result, safety training is crucial to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

Giving Back: Fallen Linemen Charities

Have you ever noticed that you don’t think too much about how much you rely on your car or smartphone until they don’t work?

What Training Do I Need To Become a Utility Lineman

Becoming a utility lineman may be the perfect fit for you. Although it is a tough job, it can be extremely rewarding financially, professionally, and personally. 

National Lineman Appreciation Day: April 18, 2023

  In the United States, days, weeks, and months are designated for various causes and celebrations. Some of them are plain silly, like National Banana Cream Pie Day (March 2), but others should give us pause and make us take a moment to reflect. One day of this...

Safety Apps in the Workplace: Safeguard Equipment’s Emergency Response Solution

These detection capabilities are valuable in themselves, but the injury detection capabilities are significantly enhanced by Safeguard’s communications app (App).

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