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Product Training Videos

Take advantage of Safeguard Equipment’s training videos through our channel “Training with Brady.” Here, Brady will provide you with important safety tips, use scenarios, and product tutorials. These videos are perfect for training users on how to use the Safeguard COMPASS® as their everyday Personal Voltage Detector in a variety of different industries.

COMPASS® Online Training Course

The Getting Started With COMPASS® training course walks users through all aspects of the PVD. Learn how to use the unit, adjust settings, test PVD functionality, and gain practical field use tips. Learners will receive a certificate of completion after passing the course successfully. (Certificate tracking is available for select customers upon request)


Answer: Complacency is usually reduced when professionals use the Safeguard COMPASS® in the prescribed manner. Often current and voltages escape our perception. With the Safeguard COMPASS®, this is significantly reduced. The Safeguard COMPASS® was designed to be an...

How Does Electricity Kill?

These experiences give us some sense of the danger we are dealing with and the unique characteristics of electrical hazards.

The Difference Between Voltage and Current

It is crucial for workers to be aware of high voltage lines and wires in which current is flowing because those lines represent hazards.

Does the Safeguard COMPASS® work in a substation?

Answer: Yes. It will work in a substation when the voltage sensitivity setting is set to "Smart-Adaptive" mode. For the best results, we advise that the current sensitivity setting is set to "off."

How Deep can the Safeguard Compass® Detect an Underground Conductor?

Answer: If the conductor's load holds 100 amps, and if the unit's setting is High, then it should be able to detect the source at a minimum of 6 feet away. This will also depend on soil types, current cancellations, and the orientation of the conductor.

Can my Safeguard Compass® be Updated with New Software?

Answer: Safeguard is always looking for ways to improve the functionality and performance of the Safeguard COMPASS®. Our latest software update was offered on July 28, 2019. If your Safeguard COMPASS® has a unit number over 4866 then it will have the latest version of...

Natural Disasters Create Electrical Safety Challenges

Disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes commonly result in power outages. The workers responding are at risk of work-related injuries.

Can the Battery be Replaced?

Answer: No. The battery is rechargeable through a micro USB port. The standard life expectancy of the battery is five to ten years depending on the level of usage.

Is the Safeguard Compass® Waterproof?

Answer: Due to its design, the Safeguard COMPASS® isn’t rated to be “waterproof;” however, it is rated to be “water-resistant.” Do not fully submerge the Safeguard COMPASS® in water as it could be damaged.

Is the Safeguard Compass® Fire Resistant?

Answer: No.

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