Safeguard Equipment, already an industry leader in developing innovative Personal Voltage and Current Detectors (PVCD’s), announces a new safety solution that will change the game regarding worker safety: the COMPASS Pro™.

Safeguard Equipment’s COMPASS line of products already distinguish themselves from other PVCD’s on the market, providing functions that its competitors cannot match, including:

  • Voltage and current detection (PVCD)
  • Directional indicators that identify the location of the electrical field
  • 360o range of detection
  • Hands-free hard-hat mount
  • Smart Adaptive Mode
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity

Safeguard’s core mission has always been to save lives, particularly for workers in jobs that involve dangerous situations. For these professionals – utility workers, electricians, construction workers, miners – working in high-risk situations is part of the job. Every day these men and women put their lives on the line to provide safety, security, comfort, and well-being for the communities they serve. In the United States alone, 4,000 to 5,000 workers are killed annually in on-the-job injuries, and another 2.7 million are injured. According to OSHA, falls and electrocution is two of the ”big four” causes of on-the-job deaths, accounting for 45% of all workplace fatalities.

That is why Safeguard Equipment is reimagining worker safety. Their all-new COMPASS Pro is more than a PVCD device. It is an emergency response service that will provide unrivaled safety features for workers who face multiple threats while out in the field. Home offices will receive critical real-time information the moment a crisis is detected, such as a fall, an arc flash, or an impact to the head. Teams will receive immediate push notifications, and the Bluetooth™ enabled Safeguard Equipment app will help facilitate rapid emergency response among teammates via the in-app chat. With the COMPASS Pro solution, injuries that took hours to respond to will now take only seconds.

At its core, the new COMPASS Pro emergency response solution keeps employees safe and brings workers home. It also provides their families and the companies they work for the added peace of mind that their friends and loved ones are protected. For further information or a demonstration of any of the COMPASS PVCDs, including the new COMPASS Pro, contact Safeguard Equipment today.