Pictured: The Safeguard Team at Vera Water and Power in Spokane Valley, Washington after field testing the COMPASS Pro application and device with Vera’s lineman crew.

COMPASS Pro Field-Validated by Vera Water & Power 

Vera Water & Power in Spokane Valley, Washington, successfully tried out Safeguard Equipment’s latest product, the COMPASS Pro emergency response solution.

Vera Water & Power is a publicly-owned, not-for-profit utility company that distributes power and water to users throughout Spokane Valley. Vera provides water and electric utility services to its customers in the region.

The new COMPASS Pro transitions the PVCD into a new era of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This innovative product combines a PVCD with added injury detection capabilities for arc-flash, fall, and electric shock and a proprietary software application (App) that pairs the device to a phone. The device and App also have a general SOS immediate call feature for alerting co-workers whenever a worker in the field needs assistance. Together, these components create an interconnected workforce to enhance and expedite the emergency response for electrical accidents, falls, and other injury events.

Before launching the new device, Safeguard Equipment asked Vera to participate in a field test of the COMPASS Pro emergency response solution to find out how well its injury detection and emergency response capabilities would work under field conditions. Vera put the COMPASS Pro through its paces with various tests that simulated real-world situations and was pleased to confirm that it performs as promised. 

“The product is user-friendly, and I love the direction it’s going with the App. If you buy this equipment and save one life, it’s worth all the dollars in the world. The Compass Pro will be a valuable tool during a storm, and we look forward to having our crews use it during the year.”

Steve Brearley, 

Electrical General Foreman, Vera Water and Power

Safeguard Equipment’s ground-breaking App vastly expands the utility of the COMPASS Pro PVCD to help not just workers in the utility arena but in all industries in which the safety of workers can be enhanced by rapid, automated emergency communication. 

“We’re tremendously grateful to Steve and everyone else at Vera Water and Power for helping us field test the COMPASS Pro. Now we are more confident than ever that our product will save lives and bring workers home to their loved ones, safe and sound.”

Tim Ledford, CEO of Safeguard Equipment

In addition to several field testing opportunities, Safeguard Equipment is currently offering demonstrations of the COMPASS Pro device. Companies can learn more about the COMPASS Pro emergency response solution on the Safeguard Equipment website or on any of its social media accounts via YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. For a product demonstration, please contact Safeguard Equipment.